Thursday, December 30, 2010

i'm back!

Can you believe that I haven't blogged in over a month? At first I felt bad for neglecting my blog and when I tweeted that I felt bad for not blogging, Olivia replied to me and said to not feel bad and blog for me. So I took a break. I needed that break to become re inspired to blog.

School got busy and then I turned around and graduation was here and now Christmas has gone by. Time has been flying by! One of the main reasons I started this blog was to document things that happen in my life. I have not been doing that lately and a lot has happened in this past month.

We got our engagement pictures back!

I got a job for January!

I went to my last day of school ever!!

I worked my last day as a student assistant.

We registered for wedding gifts!

I graduated college!

I moved back home with my mom and younger sister.

Celebrated my last Christmas without Matthew by my side.

Designed our save the dates to be sent out.

For the new year I have a lot of goals. Personal and business ones. One of my goals is to really grow this blog. I am planning on consistent posting. I really hope you will stick around with me because I have some weekly features that I am excited about.

Excited to see what this new year will bring!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas! I am having a very relaxing day with my mom and younger sister. Headed to my older sister's house tomorrow to spend a couple of days with them!

Be looking for more posts in the next couple of weeks! My hiatus is over and I can't wait to get back to blogging!

Have a blessed Christmas!