Tuesday, August 31, 2010

will you be my bridesmaid?

So now that I have officially asked all of my girls to stand next to me on the most exciting day of my life I wanted to share with you how I asked them!
I found this idea from Elise.
I already had the exact same envelopes in gray, and plus one of the wedding colors is gray so they were perfect!
I took what she did and made it fit for me and I love the way the turned out!
In other news WRP has been open for 2 months! During these two months I have had 29 sales, 86 shop hearts and have been featured on the front page twice! Here are the screen shots:

My sales went up for the month of August. I am so proud of my shop and I hope that it continues to grow!

Monday, August 30, 2010

mini workshop

I signed up for an online workshop by Elise last week sometime. Elise makes amazing mini books. The workshop is called the BIG mini workshop. Over the next 2 weeks she is going to post things about making mini books on the class blog. Registration is now closed since the class started today. I am really looking forward to learning from her and to making more mini books! I hope to share with you the mini books that I will make. I will hopefully finish my summer one soon and share that too! p.s. I may have settled on wedding colors...I will post an inspiration board this week sometime. Be looking for it! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, August 27, 2010

wedding colors

So far in the wedding planning process, picking colors has been the hardest part for me. I love color so it's hard to settle on just a couple colors for the big day. Every time I see a new palette of colors I instantly fall in love with them and want them for our wedding. If I keep thinking like this I will end up with a rainbow colored wedding (and that's not good).
I know I want gray and maybe navy blue. Originally I thought gray, navy blue, and a little bit of pink. But for some reason I don't love that anymore.
Here are some recent color palettes that I love and hopefully soon I will decide on the wedding colors.

This pillow doesn't have navy blue in it but I absolutely LOVE these colors together! I can see these flowers for boutonnieres and these flowers for my bouquet. Maybe purple dresses for the bridesmaids.

This color palette is so pretty. Once again no navy blue. But I love the blue and purple together.

This color palette is so pretty and I want those flowers for my bouquet! They are gorgeous!

How am I ever going to pick colors?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

50th post!

This is my 50th post! That doesn't seem like very many but it really is when I start thinking about it! Today I am going to share two how-to posts that I found and love!
The first is this bag. I have seen this how-to everywhere! It doesn't cost much but I love the look of it. I will have to try making one of these soon!

The next how-to are these bags from the blog how about orange.

They are made out of envelopes! I love them! If you ever need to wrap something small and don't have a small bag just grab an envelope and there you go! So cool and there are so many different ways to decorate the outside. I will be trying this soon!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I love these letters! I found this how-to at poppytalk. They are made out of plaster of paris. I love how they end up white and you can paint them whatever color you want or maybe even decoupage them with an old map or pages out of a book! The possibilities are endless! These are going on my list of things to make when I have a home to decorate.
Speaking of letters here are some other letter things that I love:
these initial mugs are from anthropologie
these hooks are also from anthropologie
I have always loved things with initials on them. I have lots of W's now but I can't wait to add some D's (my new initial on June 11!!) to my collection!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have been obsessed with wedding photography for a long time now. I started looking at photography blogs a couple of years ago and still love looking at them. I started to think that I wanted to be a photographer so I signed up for a photography class at my college one semester and really learned a lot. I now have the basic knowledge on how to shoot a SLR camera in manual mode and get decent pictures thanks to taking that class. I also realized it would be hard work to be a professional photographer. I still have a passion for taking pictures, but maybe just for myself and not professionally right now. While looking at blogs I found Jasmine Star. She is from California and an amazing photographer. Like one of the top wedding photographers in the country, if not the top. When I heard about a free workshop online with Jasmine I had to enroll as soon as I could. The workshop starts tomorrow and I can't wait! Here is the schedule and the topics: WED, Aug 25 - Day 1, Branding and building your business (1pm-7pm) THU, Aug 26 - Day 2, Preparing to shoot the big day (1pm-7pm) FRI, Aug 27 - Day 3: Laura & Billy's wedding day! (3pm-11:30pm) SAT, Aug 28 - Day 4, Review and post production (2pm-7pm) SUN, Aug 29 - Day 5, Preparing the client presentation (1pm-7pm) I wish that I wasn't going to be working and that school wasn't going to start Thursday so I could watch every single minute of this but I don't think I will be able to. :( On Friday she is shooting a wedding live and we get to watch her shoot and watch the wedding! I am super excited about this! The wedding was planned in 4 weeks and I can't wait to see it come together. If you would also like to watch you can go here and enroll in the class for free! And speaking of wedding photography we booked our photographer for the wedding! I am super excited! Brooke Ogilvie! I absolutly love her style and can't wait to have her take our pictures! We will be doing bridals and engagements too. Can't wait!

Monday, August 23, 2010

so sorry

So sorry for the lack of posts recently. Apparently when I am not sitting in front of a computer all day at work I don't find the time to blog, but lucky for you I am back at work!
I found this website today. They have really cute stuff that is pretty affordable. I will have to remember this site when I am looking for clothes for engagement pictures and other wedding events (because of course I will be looking for new clothing items for these things even though I shouldn't be)! Here are some of the things I found at DownEast Basics:

This cardigan is so cute! I love ruffles! It is $34.99.

This top is super cute. It is $22.99.

For our engagement pictures I want to take pictures in a field. I think this skirt would be perfect for that! I love the elastic waist band. With a simple top and some strappy sandals. Yes please! It's on sale right now for $21.99.

That is all for now! I hope to post everyday this week so please come back!

Monday, August 9, 2010


I just wanted to warn you that this blog may turn into a wedding planning blog for the next 10 months, so please be prepared. That is all.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

the story

yesterday was an amazing day. here's the story: My sister and brother-in-law (Jessi and David) came into town Friday. We decided that we were going to go eat breakfast at Denny's at 10 on Saturday morning. After not getting much sleep Friday night (I slept on the couch and our dog Harley was whining all night) I get up Saturday morning and get ready. While in the shower my mom came and said that she had to go water some plants for some friends because they were out of town and she told me to be sure I was ready by 10, I was like ok. My mom gets back from "watering the plants" at about 10 and we all load up in the car to go to Denny's. On the way there she said she needed to stop by the church because she left her thumb drive there. So she goes inside and sends me a text that said "Hey Whitney. Come in here. I want to show you something." At this point my mind starts to wonder a little. I go inside and go into the sanctuary and my mom told me to look up at the screen. It said Matthew & Whitney and then a slideshow of pictures played. While I was standing there I was like this is it! After waiting for the long (maybe it wasn't that long but it felt really long!) slideshow to end (it said "there is just one thing I need to ask you") Matthew came down the aisle and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! It was perfect! Of course I said yes! After we celebrated for a little bit with my mom, Jessi and David, and Kelsey (my little sister) we head to Denny's. When we get there it is super crowded but we didn't have to wait because Matt's parents and sister were already there! I had thought Matt drove down by himself. For the rest of the day I couldn't stop looking at my beautiful ring! It really was an amazing day and I really was surprised! Oh and when my mom went to go "water the plants" she was actually letting Matt into the church. So sneaky. She had known for about a month and she did a really good job at hiding it! 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Save The Dates

I have added 2 new Save The Date Postcards to my shop! The would be perfect for a modern wedding! They come in 9 colors. You can see them here and here.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I love the look of driftwood!
These cool candle holders are from Nature's Cabinet on etsy.
This really cool driftwood heart is from another seller on etsy, PlanBee123.
These next two items were on apartment therapy.
LOVE this!
This last one is from Crate and Barrel.
What do you think about mixing driftwood elements into your decor? I am all for it!