Thursday, September 30, 2010

matt, can we please live here someday?


This house has just received certification as the first LEED for Homes Platinum custom home in Marin County, and one of only a handful in Northern California.

I would have no clue what LEED means except for the fact that Matt is majoring in Landscape Architecture and he did a project with something to do with it. It means Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

I have recently been interested in sustainability and being environmentally friendly. I want to do my part. Living in a house like this would be amazing! I know it won't happen but thinking about these things when we do own a home and do some renovations will help us to do our part.

P.S. Do you see the ceilings in that second picture? LOVE!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I haven't been to the fair in a long time. Like a really long time. Like I don't ever remember ever going but I think I did when I was little.

 Some friends scored some free tickets to the Jake Owen (I don't listen to much country so I had never heard of him) concert that was at the fair last night so we headed up there early to take it all in and eat some yummy fair food. I was a little creeped out by the people that worked there and the thought of going on any of the rides scared me. I would have gone on the farris wheel but it was $4 a person! No thank you!

It was a fun time! I love listening to live music so the concert wasn't too bad. We got corndogs and a funnel cake! Yum!

Friday, September 24, 2010

ttu vs. ut

last weekend was the big texas tech vs. university of texas football game. me and matt missed the epic game 2 years ago. this game was a disappointment. we got to the stadium at about 3:30 to get in line. the gates opened at 4 and there was a mad rush to get in. the game didn't start until 7 so we had a long wait.

 i like going to the games with these girls. i will miss this. (sorry your eyes are closed haley)
one of my favorite parts of the game is when the masked rider on the horse runs out before the team. it gives me chills. i know, i am weird.
the stands were packed.
we ended up losing. 14-24.

dinner last night

 last night for dinner we made fajitas! i love fajitas! we also made guacamole and salsa to go with it.
 matthew recently splurged on this grill pan and this was the first thing we made on it. the chicken was really good.
 here is the spread

and my yummy fajita!

between the two of us matthew is the cook and i am the baker. i don't like to cook and something always seems to go wrong when i cook. so i will just stick with the baking. i made these muffins last night. they turned out pretty good.

be looking for another post later today!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

wedding photographer

remember when i mentioned here who our wedding photographer was going to be? well something came up and now we have a new photographer.

 brooke will still be doing our engagement pictures (which i am super excited and nervous about), but now caroline joy photography will be doing our wedding! you can go to her blog to see some of her work. i really like her style! her photos even remind me a little bit of jasmine stars photos.

the wedding photography is one of the most important things (besides the actual marriage) about the wedding for me. i am super happy with our choice and can't wait to work with both of these photographers! we will be taking engagements within the next couple of months and i will for sure be posting some of them here. can't wait to share them with you!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my love for deer heads

I have mentioned my obsession for deer heads here. Well I found another one that I love and I had to share it!

found here

I LOVE it. I would never have thought to decoupage a deer head with newspaper but now I might just have to do it someday.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a few things to look at

loving this afghan. i know kind of know how to knit. i would love to make something like this someday. maybe for a near in the future niece or nephew (no promises) :) if i lived in salt lake city i would be attending this. i would take pretty much all of the classes if i could. maybe there is something similar somewhere in texas. you have to watch this baby announcement video. it is so sweet! i don't even know the people but am so excited for them! i will be making this wreath sometime soon. when i have a place to hang it. i love it! and it seems so simple to make!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fabric Part 2

I spent a good amount of time on Friday looking for fabric online. It got very frustrating. Here are some that I found that could possible work but not exactly what I was looking for.
(source) I am really liking the last one. Not sure about the size of the print (probably too small) so I ordered a sample of it. I would be ok with using the stripe pattern. I think it fits our modern look we are going for. I threw the grey fabric in there because I thought it was fun!
Stay tuned to see more of the fabric search!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Since I didn't post anything yesterday you will get two posts today!
Remember this picture from my inspiration board?
This is the inspiration for what will be behind us when we get married. I saw this picture and fell in love. We are thinking about that size and covered with a blue and white modern geometric fabric with a wide frame around it. So the search for fabric has begun. I haven't looked a whole lot. A couple of days ago design sponge posted the top 20 fabric resources. I am in the process of going through each resource and looking at all the fabrics. Hopefully I will find the perfect one! If you know of any other resources for fabric please let me know!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

my paper stash

After taking the big mini workshop I decided that I needed (wanted) some new paper. Elise gave us ideas of what kind of paper to get (big sheets rather than 12x12, double sided is a major plus) and said that we should always keep our eyes open for paper.Here is the paper that I have collected so far. Apparently I like orange and yellow! I didn't realize I was getting so much of a similar color (but all the different oranges will work great in books together). The two yellow and gray rolls at the top are from Smock Paper. The four single sheets are from Luxe Paperie and the two last two rolls are from World Market (did not expect to find paper there but so glad I kept my eyes open and found it!). I also got some 12X12 Hambly Screenprints and I love them! I have already cut some up for a book I plan to share with you soon! I can't wait to start cutting these down for mini books!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

kitchen inspiration

loving this kitchen i found via happiness is. so much inspiration. when you click on the kitchen link it will take you to before photos of the kitchen. before it just looks like a standard kitchen you could find in any home. and after it looks amazing! i don't know if i would have the courage to paint cabinets black but i like the idea of different color cabinets on top and bottom.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ruth, dresses, and a wedding

A few friends and I are doing a bible study together about Ruth. Today was the third day of the study and I am really enjoying it so far. I have heard the story of Ruth but never have really studied it so I am looking forward to learning about her and applying things I learn to my own life.
Look at these bridesmaids dresses.

This is exactly the look I want! I love these dresses! Espcially the one shoulder.

Jasmine and Bianca are twin sisters. Yes I refer to them by there first names and no I do not personally know them but I have been following both of their blogs for such a long time that I feel like I know them (I may be a blog stalker). Jasmine (who I have mentioned before) is a wedding photographer. Bianca just got married and Jasmine shot her wedding. She just posted images from the wedding today and the wedding was beautiful!

LOVE the succulant details. And the vintage pews are amazing! You should for sure check out the rest of the pictures on Jasmine's blog.

Hope you are having a wonderful day! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

it's monday...

and I am overcoming a cold that I had over the weekend. not fun. these brownies would for sure cheer me up! :) with some ice cream!

on friday night I went to a new frozen yogurt place in lubbock, called a cup of yo, with cameron and kaylee and they had cookie and cream yogurt! i love oreos!

look at this amazing map that was on apartment therapy today.

amazing. i want one. it comes in four different colors too! you can buy it here. i think that $75 is a very reasonable price for such a big piece of art for your home. love it!

Friday, September 10, 2010


here are a few blog posts that I came across today and that I think are wonderful! enjoy!
need any wallpaper? here are the top 50 wallpaper sources.
here are 25 rugs under $300. There are so many I love in this post.
I have always wanted a custom stamp. Here is where elise got her's. I love how simple they are.
this wedding is lovely
have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

invitation inspiration

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. I was consumed with looking at Alaska (possible destination of our honeymoon - more on that later) and trying to fix a photographer crises (now it is fixed and good!) I completely forgot to post anything yesterday!
While catching up on the wedding bee blog I ran across these 12 steps to creating DIY wedding invitations. I plan on designing and making our invitations myself so this post was perfect for me! Here are the 12 steps:
1. Make sure you give yourself enough time
2. Think carefully about your "reply by" date
3. When designing start with your envelopes
4. Work backwards with your dimensions
5. It's "Two thousand nine", not "Two thousand and nine"
6. Make your words look pretty
7. Don't include registry information
8. Print out drafts of your design - don't just look at it on the computer
9. Proofread, proofread, and proofread some more
10. Weigh everything before buying postage
11. Send an invitation to yourself before sending to your guests
12. Take a deep breath and send 'em!
(you can click on the link above for more details about each step)
Some I have already thought about but some of these I would have never thought about. Especially number 5. I am not very good with grammar and spelling.
After reading those steps I started to look around for some diy invitations other brides had done. I found these pretty fast and love them!
I love the modern script font and the clear inside envelopes and how they are very simple. Oh and the baker's twine! LOVE! She goes through the entire process of making them.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Love this welcome table. The mailbox is so cool! Not really the style we are going for but still amazing and inspiring!
Isn't this cake amazing? I love the ruffles! I think the color and style would fit perfectly with our wedding! It might need to be just a bit bigger. :) I plan on sharing some invitation inspirations tomorrow!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

twin beds

If you are coming to my blog through facebook I am no longer going to update my status when I post something new. So please add me to your google reader or to your bookmarks to stay updated on what's going on with me! I will still tweet when I post something new so if you want you can follow me there! (@whitneyweir) On the right of the page there is a cool link that will take you right to my twitter page!
Now onto the beds:
I am a little (maybe a lot) obsessed with planning.
Now that I am getting married and thinking about what kind of space we are going to live in after the wedding I am on the hunt for good ideas that are affordable and easy to do!
I would love love love to have a guest room in our first place. I want our family and friends to come and visit us (wherever we may be) and feel comfortable in our home.
Currently we both are sleeping on twin sized beds. Buying a queen sized mattress is going to be one of our first purchases as a married couple.
So after that we are left with two twin beds. I really didn't think we would keep the beds but as soon as I saw this post over at apartment therapy it got me thinking. Maybe we could use the twin beds for our guest room. It may not be an ideal sleeping arrangement for our married friends and family but we have to work with what we have right?
These are my favorite rooms from the post. I love the apholstered headboards, which would be pretty simple to make ourselves. I also love the color combos. Pulling either of these two looks off seems pretty simple and doable.
I can't wait to have a space of my own with Matthew!
So happy for the three day weekend! Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday so I am going home to spend the weekend with her and my family. My sister and brother-in-law are coming in from Austin too! On Monday I am going to the lake with friends! Hope you have a good labor day weekend! I will be back on Tuesday!

a wall, a table, and a wedding

Isn't this room and wall amazing? I love it!
I also love this table. So creative! And you have to check out this wedding. I love how they incorporated vintage furniture. So happy tomorrow is Friday!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

inspiration board

(frame)(invitation)(cake)(blueandpink)(flowers)(guestbook)(tie)(macaroon)(silvertom)(bridesmaiddress)(graysuits)(graytom)(balloons) Here is my inspiration board for our wedding! Anytime I get distracted or get overwhelmed I will need to come and look at this to remind me what I really want. So navy blue and gray with a tiny bit of really light pink here and there. I am really excited! I tried to link where I found everything but I don't remember where I found some of the things. The logo and the navy blue lattice print I made (with the help of Matthew). I really like the feel of the board. I hope you like it too!