Friday, March 6, 2009


so today i had a red to black meeting and we had a presentation about consumer credit counseling, debt payment plans, and bankruptcy. She started with a balance sheet thing from a client that came to red to black. this lady was 50 years old and divorced. she made about $2000 a month and had about $40,000 in debt. Her fixed outflows were about $1700 a month. Where do you go in a situation like that? $40,000 in debt!? thats crazy! the debt was from places like home depot, best buy and even victoria's secret. She also had a car loan. before the r2b meeting i would not have been able to help someone is a position like that. but now i know that there are only 5 ways to deal with debt. pay it, dont pay it, consumer credit counseling (which helps you pay off all of your debt), debt payment plans (which try to reduce your debt), and bankruptcy. for this lady the only real option was bankuptcy becuase she didnt have the money to pay for credit counseling or a debt payment plan. it amazes me that people get into these kind of situations, and that there are so many people like her and in the exact same position. just wanted to share something that i learned about today! so for some reason working out was not very fun this week. it was hard for some reason. sunday: 30 minutes on the eliptical monday: abs class and 30 minutes on the eliptical tuesday: i didnt work out tuesday because i had to study wednesday: 20 minutes on the bike and 10 minutes on the stair stepper. hopefully next week i wont skip any and am more motivated because i was not motivated at all this week. its like on the biggest loser when they have those weeks where they dont lose any weight...thats how i


Marcy aka Mommy said...[Reply to comment]

So glad that you are seeing the effects of overspending without having to learn it the hard way!
Enjoy having you home this weekend...I love you!

The Fight said...[Reply to comment]

Here is something you will find interesting. But i need to preface it with this statement: AMERICA'S NATIONAL DEBT IS $10.9 TRILLION!!!
Now precede to the link and see how much just $1 TRILLION looks will blow your mind...