Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a few things to look at

loving this afghan. i know kind of know how to knit. i would love to make something like this someday. maybe for a near in the future niece or nephew (no promises) :) if i lived in salt lake city i would be attending this. i would take pretty much all of the classes if i could. maybe there is something similar somewhere in texas. you have to watch this baby announcement video. it is so sweet! i don't even know the people but am so excited for them! i will be making this wreath sometime soon. when i have a place to hang it. i love it! and it seems so simple to make!


Wild and Precious said...[Reply to comment]

would love to add that afghan to one of my accomplishments! beautiful.

Marcy said...[Reply to comment]

I have some afghans like that made by Gran and one made by my grandmother. Not those pretty colors, but that pattern.(They are crocheted-not knitted) I will show them to you next time you come home. If you want to practice making that wreath, I will find a place to hang it!