Thursday, September 9, 2010

invitation inspiration

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. I was consumed with looking at Alaska (possible destination of our honeymoon - more on that later) and trying to fix a photographer crises (now it is fixed and good!) I completely forgot to post anything yesterday!
While catching up on the wedding bee blog I ran across these 12 steps to creating DIY wedding invitations. I plan on designing and making our invitations myself so this post was perfect for me! Here are the 12 steps:
1. Make sure you give yourself enough time
2. Think carefully about your "reply by" date
3. When designing start with your envelopes
4. Work backwards with your dimensions
5. It's "Two thousand nine", not "Two thousand and nine"
6. Make your words look pretty
7. Don't include registry information
8. Print out drafts of your design - don't just look at it on the computer
9. Proofread, proofread, and proofread some more
10. Weigh everything before buying postage
11. Send an invitation to yourself before sending to your guests
12. Take a deep breath and send 'em!
(you can click on the link above for more details about each step)
Some I have already thought about but some of these I would have never thought about. Especially number 5. I am not very good with grammar and spelling.
After reading those steps I started to look around for some diy invitations other brides had done. I found these pretty fast and love them!
I love the modern script font and the clear inside envelopes and how they are very simple. Oh and the baker's twine! LOVE! She goes through the entire process of making them.


Wild and Precious said...[Reply to comment]

the script is awesome! love how it curls around the sides. beautimus!!

p.s. would love to know what you think about my first "vlog"!