Thursday, September 2, 2010

twin beds

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Now onto the beds:
I am a little (maybe a lot) obsessed with planning.
Now that I am getting married and thinking about what kind of space we are going to live in after the wedding I am on the hunt for good ideas that are affordable and easy to do!
I would love love love to have a guest room in our first place. I want our family and friends to come and visit us (wherever we may be) and feel comfortable in our home.
Currently we both are sleeping on twin sized beds. Buying a queen sized mattress is going to be one of our first purchases as a married couple.
So after that we are left with two twin beds. I really didn't think we would keep the beds but as soon as I saw this post over at apartment therapy it got me thinking. Maybe we could use the twin beds for our guest room. It may not be an ideal sleeping arrangement for our married friends and family but we have to work with what we have right?
These are my favorite rooms from the post. I love the apholstered headboards, which would be pretty simple to make ourselves. I also love the color combos. Pulling either of these two looks off seems pretty simple and doable.
I can't wait to have a space of my own with Matthew!
So happy for the three day weekend! Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday so I am going home to spend the weekend with her and my family. My sister and brother-in-law are coming in from Austin too! On Monday I am going to the lake with friends! Hope you have a good labor day weekend! I will be back on Tuesday!