Friday, November 19, 2010

23 at 23

I turned 23 about 4 months ago. I have wanted to create a list like this. I love to make to-do lists. I finally have came up with my list! I only have 8 months to get it done but better to do it now then next year. I am really motivated to do this and hope it sticks. I really want to document the whole process too. Hopefully I will be sharing my accomplishments here. Some will be hard to document but I think that will make it more fun!

oh and p.s. my sister is not pregnant yet...but I have a feeling it might be happening soonish so I want to get a head start on the afghan! :)


Jessi said...[Reply to comment]

We will do our best to make your afghan not in vain! Love the list! I like lists helps me get things done...I've never thought of a list for life! Good idea! See you tomorrow!