Tuesday, January 11, 2011


m got his passport last week! this means w doesn't have to go by herself on their honeymoon to mexico! w thinks it will be much better with m there. :)

m watched the rest of dexter season 2 without w. he started out just watching one episode and w was going to catch up but then he couldn't stop watching...now w have a lot to catch up on.

m got to hang out with everyone in lubbock last night. :( w went to bed at 10.
w worked a lot. and by a lot she means 48 hours. that is a lot for w.

w has already spent some of her first paycheck that she hasn't received yet. she got a paper cutter that she will tell you more about later.

w has been trying really hard to get new things listed in the shop. hopefully by thursday she will.
m&w talked on the phone a lot because they were a part most of the time.

m&w did see each other for 5 hours on sunday. w wishes it would have been longer.

m&w are exactly 5 months away from the big day. they need to get to work