Friday, January 14, 2011


This post was supposed to be about my new amazing product in my shop that was going to get so many views and sell out instantly...well that didn't happen. Mainly because I didn't get anything new listed. You would think that promising you all something new in a week would keep me accountable but it didn't. I am still trying to make the most use out of the little time that I have.

I did get a new paper cutter this week! I got my old one for my birthday this past year and it has seen better days. I could only cut through one paper at a time so it would take me forever to do a large custom order. Now with my new cutter I can cut through multiple layers. That is my favorite thing.

I was very happy to see this large box at the front door!

Here it is! It's a CARL 12210 Bidex heavy-duty rotary trimmer. I like it so far. Hopefully it will stay that way. Now I just need a big custom order :)