Thursday, February 19, 2009

thriving thursday

not much has been happening lately...just school and work. thats about it. since thursday is one of my off days for working out i am going to post what all i did the whole week and i am calling it thriving thursday. i looked up the work thriving in the dicitonary and it means to grow and develop vigoursly. i feel that while i am helping my life thrive in the right direction by keeping my body healthy. so here it is... sunday: ran for 10 minutes and lifted weights in the circuit room monday: did abs class for 20 minutes then did the eliptical for 10 minutes tuesday: did a body sculpting class for 1 hour wednesday: did the eliptical for 30 minutes i am starting to feel stronger and just better about myself. i know i dont/cant dance but there is a ballroom dancing class starting in the next couple of weeks. kaylee mentioned that her and cameron might do it and krista loves to dance so her and kaleb might do it and i think it would be fun so me and matt might do it! we will see though. i got my toms shoes yesterday! they were supposed to be polka dotted on the inside but they are camo instead. oh well. until next time...


Marcy aka Mommy said...[Reply to comment]

I have used that very word (thriving) to describe you to various friends and relatives who have asked about you since you have been at tech. "She is thriving", I said...just like that! I am so impressed with your recent dedication to fitness. You're my hero! The dance class sounds like fun...does Matt want to do it?

Too bad about the polka dots but camo sounds cute, too!
Love you madly!