Friday, May 21, 2010

34 hours down

I have finished my first week of my internship! That means I have 266 hours left, which equal 38 more days. That's not too bad. I have enjoyed coming in everyday and making myself useful (let's hope this enjoyment lasts). Today I am leaving to go to Lubbock right after work for Haley's bachelorette/lingerie party, then I am off for two weeks! During those two weeks I will be in Austin, Houston, New York, and finally Lawn for Kaylee and Cameron's wedding!! So excited! Then it's back to working 9-5 everyday. I hope to update while I am traveling with pictures. Hope you have a good weekend!


Marcy said...[Reply to comment]

It has been so fun to have you home. I have already become so accustomed to having you here that I am really going to miss you while you are gone (I always miss you!)Have fun and make a lot of memories!! Love you!!!