Tuesday, July 20, 2010

birthday week

Here is the purse I bought myself for my birthday. It's a lot darker then what the picture shows. I am loving all of its pockets.
The morning of my birthday my mom made me some banana nut muffins and wrapped them up really cute. I took them to work in a brown paper sack. It was perfect.

For lunch Kelsey came and picked me up and took me to Rocky's. It was good. After that we went to get snow cones and I got peaches and cream (my favorite) and it was not good for some reason. Big A's usually doesn't disappoint.

After church and dinner at Spanish Inn my mom gave me my presents along with some yummy chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing!

I took work off on Friday because we left to go to Round Rock that day! Harley came with us. He is a good travel dog.

We met up with Matt's family at Cheesecake Factory on Friday night. Dinner was good. Cheesecake was really good. Overall I think it went pretty well.

Here is everything else I got for my birthday! Kelsey made me that mini book. It is so sweet. It is filled with pictures and sweet words. I got the blanket and bath and body works stuff from Matt's parents. The cutter is from Jessi and David, and everything else is from Matt. We watched Remember Me Friday night. I thought it was really good. Saturday night we watched the Celine Dion movie. It was 3 hours of amazingness!

Saturday morning me, Kelsey, Matt, David, and David's brother Matt went cliff jumping! Everyone jumped but me because it was a little too scary for me and I don't like heights, but I enjoyed watching them jump!

It was a very good birthday week/weekend!


Virginia Claxton said...[Reply to comment]

Sounds great! I enjoyed seeing your birthday story, and you did a great job of telling it in words & pictures.