Thursday, July 8, 2010

glamping and log bowls

While catching up on my blog reading I ran across these two things and just had to share them! I found both of these here (Jessi you need to add this one to your google reader :) )

1. Glamping = Camping + Glamour

       You must go to this link. I say we have a family vacation here:

or if we feel extra adventurous we could go here:

or we could stay a little closer to home:

What do you say? I say YES!! I will start the planning now! Haha!

2. The second thing I saw are these log bowls:

Aren't they the coolest things ever? I am picturing one right now on my entry table with my keys in it (in my made up home I will someday have!) I found that you can buy them here. They are a little expensive but I think totally worth it! They are made out of reclaimed trees and they come in tons of cool colors.

Hope you enjoy!


Jessi said...[Reply to comment]

love the glamping idea...get on that!!! And the cute...I'll take a red or orange one!! Love the posts and am so excited about your etsy shop!! I haven't checked my google reader in a few days, so i didn't even know it happened until yesterday...congratulations!!! love you! see you soon!!