Thursday, July 8, 2010

week 27

The Tour de France started this week! It is one of my most favorite sporting events to watch. This picture is from the first day time trial. Lance finished 4th. As of Thursday he is 18th. 2:30 behind the leader. I still believe he can win it!

We had a pretty relaxed fourth of July here. We did have hot dogs on some festive plates though!

I opened my etsy shop this week and my au revoir card was on the front page of etsy on Tuesday! I credit this for the two sales I have had this week.

I got my first request for a custom order through etsy! It was for my kraft moving announcements. The person was moving to Japan! I really enjoyed interacting with the customer and creating these for them. I can't wait to get more custom orders! And yes, I did take a picture of it in the mailbox (I know I am a dork). It was an exciting moment for me.

I love the flowers of summer! This one popped up this week. It is huge!

I am currently working on a custom order for a friend. These are going to be program fans for her wedding. I have printed and folded them all and plan to finish them on Saturday. I am really liking the way the are turning out. I can't wait to see the final product!

Well that has been my week. How has your week been?