Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have been obsessed with wedding photography for a long time now. I started looking at photography blogs a couple of years ago and still love looking at them. I started to think that I wanted to be a photographer so I signed up for a photography class at my college one semester and really learned a lot. I now have the basic knowledge on how to shoot a SLR camera in manual mode and get decent pictures thanks to taking that class. I also realized it would be hard work to be a professional photographer. I still have a passion for taking pictures, but maybe just for myself and not professionally right now. While looking at blogs I found Jasmine Star. She is from California and an amazing photographer. Like one of the top wedding photographers in the country, if not the top. When I heard about a free workshop online with Jasmine I had to enroll as soon as I could. The workshop starts tomorrow and I can't wait! Here is the schedule and the topics: WED, Aug 25 - Day 1, Branding and building your business (1pm-7pm) THU, Aug 26 - Day 2, Preparing to shoot the big day (1pm-7pm) FRI, Aug 27 - Day 3: Laura & Billy's wedding day! (3pm-11:30pm) SAT, Aug 28 - Day 4, Review and post production (2pm-7pm) SUN, Aug 29 - Day 5, Preparing the client presentation (1pm-7pm) I wish that I wasn't going to be working and that school wasn't going to start Thursday so I could watch every single minute of this but I don't think I will be able to. :( On Friday she is shooting a wedding live and we get to watch her shoot and watch the wedding! I am super excited about this! The wedding was planned in 4 weeks and I can't wait to see it come together. If you would also like to watch you can go here and enroll in the class for free! And speaking of wedding photography we booked our photographer for the wedding! I am super excited! Brooke Ogilvie! I absolutly love her style and can't wait to have her take our pictures! We will be doing bridals and engagements too. Can't wait!