Friday, October 15, 2010


Do you remember the bind it all that I want? Well I was looking at Hobby Lobby's website and they have a coupon on there for 40% of any one item!! (if you are wanting anything from hobby lobby now is the time to get it! just go on their website and get the coupon!)

So I did the math and I can get the bind it all for $41.99!! I am very tempted to go to Hobby Lobby today or tomorrow and pick this up! I will let you know on Monday if I got it or not!

I am starting to think of Christmas card designs for my shop. I need to get them done and listed soon. Christmas really isn't that far away.

 I am also thinking about rebranding WRP just a little bit. When I first opened shop I rushed through the branding process because I just wanted to get my cards out there and start selling them. Now that I have had time to think what I want my brand to look like I want to make changes to what I have already put out there. This will be a slow process but I am eager to do it soon.

I have some ideas brewing in my brain and I am sure to share the final products with you later.

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a great weekend!

Mine will include dinner with friends, trip to hobby lobby, college football, and a cookout.