Thursday, October 14, 2010

honeymoon in mexico

Our honeymoon will be the first vacation we take with just the two of us. It was important to us to find a place we would both enjoy and a place where we could relax and not have to worry about anything.

After 2 months of research we finally found what looks like the perfect place and have booked it!

Since we are both still in school and not working full time jobs our budget for the honeymoon was kind of small. We looked at staying in the states. Flying was a little cheaper that way but the price of a nice hotel and food quickly would add up. We looked at Colorado, Florida, and even Alaska.

I fell in love with the thought of an Alaskan honeymoon. If you know Matthew you know he loves the snow and outdoors so I thought Alaska would be perfect! Flying to Alaska was expensive and the trip would have been road trip style (which we decided would be fun but not for our honeymoon). The cost of car rental, food, hotel and flight quickly went out of our budget. I was sad that it wasn't going to happen but I quickly got over it with the promise to go there someday (I can't wait!!). 

Then we started looking at the Caribbean and saw that it was cheapest to go to Mexico. At first we tried to avoid Mexico because of all the violence but you really can't beat the price. Plus all-inclusive resorts on the beach are pretty nice.

So here is where we are going:

Dreams Villamagna Nuevo Vallarta in Mexico!!

Here are some pictures of this fabulous resort:

Room with balcony. Ours won't be facing the ocean like this one but I am sure we will have a nice view.

A look at the very modern and very nice bathroom.

The balcony has a jacuzzi!

Here is the resort grounds. Lots of swimming pools and the beach is just a few steps away!

I am super excited!!

Wedding decision 1 out of 34923 done!

Just kidding I have more than 1 done...more like 5  :)


Haley said...[Reply to comment]

I just stalked your resort on TripAdvisor and it looks awesome! I'm jealous. And even though your trip is a long ways away, I'm already excited to see pictures haha! Weird, I know!