Wednesday, October 27, 2010

wrp christmas

Here is a preview of whats to come in my shop for Christmas! I am super excited about this! I am still waiting on a few things to come in so this isn't everything. I plan on getting this listed by November 14th. I am planning on selling a set of everything and then selling them individually as well. Enjoy!

 This is one of the two sets of cards you will get in the card and tag set. They come with kraft envelopes. I am waiting on red envelopes for the other set of cards.
 I really like the way these turned out! You will get 8 of these in the set.
You will get four of these red tags along with white ones that match (waiting on some super cool white paper to finish these)
 These are labels! You will get four of each one in the set!

I would love to know what you think of these! I can't wait to get them listed!

P.S. we are taking our engagement pictures today! I am super excited!! Can't wait to share them with you!


And this is my life now.... said...[Reply to comment]

Seriously CAN NOT wait to see your e-pics!!!