Tuesday, January 18, 2011

my one little word

One little word is something that Ali Edwards came up with a few years ago. I have been reading her blog for less than a year so when it came around this year it was something new to me. I initially thought that this wasn't for me. So I didn't think about it. Then I read this list and a few words just started jumping out at me. That's when I decided that maybe my life did need one little word this year. To stay on focus. Here is what Ali said about one little word:

"You live with it. You invite it into you life. You let it speak to you. You might even follow where it leads. There are so many possibilities."

These are the words that stuck out to me when I went through the list of words:
begin :: action :: capture :: create :: invest :: relish
I decided that my word for 2011 will be invest.

I want to invest time and effort in my health :: this means working out, being more active and trying to eat healthier

I want to invest time and effort in my business :: list, list, list

I want to invest money into my savings account :: this is one of my 23 at 23 goals too

I want to invest in my relationships :: friends and family

I want to invest time into my spiritual growth :: read and study the bible more and pray more

I want to invest in a good camera :: can't wait to make this investment!

I want to invest in documenting life :: I need to remember that this takes a little bit of time and effort but will be so worth it! (more on how I plan to do this in a couple of weeks)

Have you ever thought about having a word for this year?


Olivia said...[Reply to comment]

love this!! I get so drawn to words as well, I think mine right now is restore :)

Kariss said...[Reply to comment]

Thanks, Whitney! This was good to read today

whitney said...[Reply to comment]

Thanks so much! Restore is a good word. I like it.

whitney said...[Reply to comment]


You're welcome Kariss and thanks! Also thanks for reading my blog! :)