Wednesday, January 5, 2011

dress shopping and stamps

I accidentally posted this last night...for some reason the scheduling thing for posts doesn't work if you put 2010 in for the year. Not used to it being 2011 yet.

(even though i don't look too happy in that picture i was really happy to be dress shopping!)

Every wednesday from now until the wedding I hope to post something wedding related! I know I'm not the first person to have wedding wednesday but oh well...

Shopping for a wedding dress is exhausting! and i didn't really try very many on. well about 8. and i really only tried on one ugly one. (it was bad). I had so much fun with my mom and sisters. At the beginning it was really hard to decide if a dress was the one or not becuase I liked them all! Except for the ugly one. But then when I put the last one I knew it was for me! There were no tears or anything but I knew that I loved it!
I really wish I could show you all the dresses I tried on but matthew reads this and I don't want him to see any of the dresses I tried on until after he sees me in the dress...which will be on June 11th.

In other news, I am obsessed with vintage stamps for invitations.

like these from here
Aren't they lovely? I plan on starting to collect these soon. well I may have found some on ebay and Imay have bid and won them today! Just a few! I can't wait for my collection to grow even more!

p.s. working until from 8am-7pm case you didn't already know.


Jessi said...[Reply to comment]

so sorry that your hours are so long, but just think of all the money you will be making! love that you're blogging again!